Aerial Platform Rentals

We have always had the philosophy that we can best serve our customers by focusing on two tools.

What tools do we have available for rent?

Push Around Lifts, Electric (slab) Scissor Lifts, Gas/Diesel (rough terrain) Scissor Lifts, Articulating (knuckling) Booms, Telescopic (straight stick) Booms, Reach Forklifts including Lulls and Skytraks, and some specialty machines. We primarily rent to contractors and industrial users. Although the majority of our rentals are in Metro Atlanta and the Macon area, we do extend our services to North & Middle Georgia and parts of joining states.

Rental Equipment

  • Push Around Lifts
    • manually propelled, up to 40′
  • Electric Scissor Lifts
    • battery operated, up to 39′
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts
    • gas or diesel operated, up to 50′
  • Articulating Boom Lifts
    • battery, gas or diesel models, up to 60′
  • Self-Propelled Telescopic Knuckling Boom Lifts
    • rough terrain tires, up to 40′
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts
    • gas or diesel operated, up to 110′
  • Industrial Forklifts
  • Reach Forklifts

5K Forklift Rentals Atlanta

Points of Interest

  • Rentals are available by the day, week or month
  • Premier Platforms will deliver and pickup the equipment except in special circumstances
  • Machine damage or malfunction must be reported to Premier immediately
  • All machine operators must be qualified and familiarized on the equipment they are renting (if not, we can setup training in advance)
  • Damage waiver or rental insurance is required
  • Machines are filled with fuel and you are charged for the fuel at the end of the contract (please leave enough fuel to reload the machine at the end of the rental)
  • All battery operated machines are rented with fully charged batteries
  • The customer is responsible for damage to the machine while it is on rent

Delivery / Pickup Information

To insure that your equipment is delivered properly, our dispatch team works side by side with our sales team. We utilize several tractor trailer and roll-backs allowing us to deliver in almost any conditions and to any location in Georgia. Due to the nature of transportation and the rising fuel costs, we do not have set pricing for delivery and pickup costs. However, feel free to call us for a free quote.

Damage Waiver Information

To enable us to ship your equipment promptly, we must have an insurance certificate on file. In an effort to make obtaining this certificate as easy as possible, and to assure that it is valid and sufficient for its respective purpose, the proceeding paragraphs discuss all the terms, conditions, requirements and specifications that must be present on the certificate.

  • Property/Equipment Insurance Certificate (also referred to as equipment floater, Inland Marine floater, or Contractor’s equipment floater) should state that the physical damage is for leased, rented, or borrowed equipment. The amount of coverage must be for the replacement value of the equipment being rented.
  • Name of Loss Payee in reference to the equipment rented, must be named as Premier Platforms, Inc.
  • Transit Coverage (coverage for equipment in transit) must be documented on the certificate for the replacement value of the equipment if you are transporting the equipment with your own truck, trailer, roll back, etc.

We will gladly accept a Blanket Insurance Certificate. This is in lieu of obtaining an individual certificate for each rental. Premier Platforms, Inc. must be named additional insured and loss payee with respect to all property or equipment rented.

Note: If you do not carry insurance for use of rental equipment or the amount of coverage in your policy is less than the replacement value of the equipment rented, a damage waiver fee (12% of rental rate) will be added to your bill.

Rental Fleet Machine Repairs

One of Premier’s top priorities is our rental fleet. Our rental fleet endures constant maintenance and factory updates. Our machines are all kept in OSHA/ANSI compliance to insure your workers are operating safely as well as efficiently. Premier offers service on our rental fleet 7 days a week and on some holidays. If you have a rental repair you must contact us directly at 770-922-7677. If you are requesting after hours service, call 770-656-3152. Please leave a company name, your name, a return telephone number, as well as a brief description of the problem with your rental machine.